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How to Add Favorite Searches

How to add a favorite search to your account.

One of the many great features on our new site is the "Favorite Searches" feature. This enables you to create a customized wish list and receive automated emails when a new product that matches your search is added into inventory. Remember that this feature only matches keywords; it is recommended that you make your "Favorite Searches" as simple as possible. For example, if you are looking for a "Chippendale Ball & Claw Secretary Desk" it is not advised that you use that exact phrase as your "Favorite Search" because that will only return a result for an exact match. In order to make sure you are notified it is recommended that you enter several simpler favorite searches. In this case, enter the following favorite searches "Chippendale" / "Ball and Claw" / Ball & Claw" / "Secretary" / "Desk". This will increase your chances of being notified when your desired item has arrived. 

Step One: Finding the "Favorite Searches" page.

  • Sign into your PhantasticPhinds.com account.
  • Locate the "Favorite Searches" link under the "Control Panel" on the left side of the website.


Step Two: Creating your "Favorite Searches"

  • Type the keyword you would like PhantasticPhinds.com to search for.
  • Set the duration of time you would like PhantasticPhinds.com to keep your search active.
  • Click the "Add Favorite Search" button.


Step Three: The Results

  • PhantasticPhinds.com will send automated emails overnight for all items added during that day that match your keywords. (Note: Emails of products that match your "Favorite Searches" are not sent immediately.)


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